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Follow the links below to log into your organization's login portal. We recommend bookmarking your organization's portal for easy access to hēRo3.

Institutional Users

Governmental and institutional users should login using the portal link provided to them by their organization's administrator.

I don't know or haven't received my link.

If you haven’t yet received or have misplaced the link from your administrator, please enter a valid email address in the field below and one can be sent to you.

Am I authorized to access hēRo3?

Please enter a valid email that uses your organization's domain name to check your authorization status.

Academic Users

Existing Users

Academic users can click this link to be taken to the academic portal where they can log in.

New Users

Currently enrolled full-time students or faculty can register for a complimentary hēRo3 license at the link below. Licensing restrictions apply.